Artist Statement


After studying fashion and embroidery in Manchester, working in the fashion industry and teaching in further education, I undertook a MA in art and design in the 1990s, altering the direction of my practice.

While never far from the textiles and cloth that I have used all my life, I now use print and stitch to give meaning to my work, frequently combining this with paper, paint and collage. 

My work is influenced by my interests in many areas – trees have been an abiding passion – but also the repetition found in man-made objects – fences, windows, old ledgers and such like. My most recent work has been influenced by the man made marks on the land itself. Whatever the starting points, the outcomes result in an abstract composition.

I like everything in its place, all carefully lined up, but also need a dash of wackiness, a bit of rebellion, things off kilter – chance and the unexpected altering the neatness and carefulness. My work contains orderliness, but an organic not a rigid order, and so it is disrupted or disturbed – by changes in direction, in colour, in scale or in shape.

For several years I have worked with dust sheet material, new, not used. The fabric is very flat and crisp at first but with washing as part of the dyeing or printing process, it becomes soft and crepe like. I like the feel of the cloth and its texture, there is a depth to it. I also like that it is unremarkable and solely functional and that its very functionality leads to it being overlooked as a base for producing artwork.

I am an exhibiting member of Rufford Art Society, Midland Textiles Forum and Sketch Book Circle.

My Studio

I am extremely fortunate to have a large, double height studio at the back of my house with a small dyeing room attached, and even more fortunate that I have double doors that open into the garden, though not so good when I start spotting all the weeding that needs doing!  Do come and see - I open my studio once a year in May as part of Open Studios Notts, there are refreshments and home made cakes too.



Exhibitions in 2019

  • Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, January 2019 (with SBC)
  • Rufford Country Park Gallery, Nottinghamshire, April 2019, (with RAS)
  • Open Studio, as part of OSNotts, May 2019
  • Nottingham Society of Artists, Nottingham, October 2019, (with RAS)

Exhibitions in 2018

  • NEC, Birmingham, March 2018 (with MTF)
  • Nottingham Society of Artists, Nottingham, May 2018 (with RAS)
  • Open Studio, as part of OSNotts18, May 2018
  • Nicholson Gallery, Leek, July - August 2018 (with RAS)
  • Globe Arts Gallery, Slaithwaite, August - November 2018 (with Sketchbook Circle)

Exhibitions in 2017

  • Artrix Gallery, Bromsgrove, January 3rd – 30th 2017 (with MTF)
  • Lally Gallery, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, March 2nd – April 18th 2017 (with MTF)
  • Nottingham Society of Artists Gallery, May 9th – 14th, 2017, (with RAS)
  • Caythorpe Village Church, Nottinghamshire, August 2017
  • Town Hall, Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, August 19th – September 17th 2017 (with MTF)
  • Clumber Park (NT), Nottinghamshire, September 5th – 24th, 2017, (with RAS)


  • Artist in Action At Harrogate Knitting and Stitiching Show - November 2018
  • Artist Demonstrator of technique in paper lamination with Committed to Cloth at the Festival of Quilts, August 2017

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